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Mental Health Review Tribunals

Mental Health Review Tribunals

At M&S Lawyers, we also provide representation to vulnerable clients who are involved with the mental health system on various types of orders. Often these clients are in high-secure mental health facilities and feel extremely frustrated with their situation and find the Mental Health Review Tribunal extremely intimidating and isolating. The Tribunal consists of three groups of panel members including: legal members, medical members and community members. A panel can consist of up to 5 members at any one time, none of which are there to give direct representation to the client whose matter is under review.

At M&S Lawyers, we are passionate about the representation of clients at Mental Health Review Tribunals. We are invested in ensuring our clients are given a voice in these proceedings and that most importantly, their human rights are not overlooked.

We offer representation on behalf of clients when the Tribunal wishes to:

  1. Review:
    • Treatment authorities
    • Forensic orders
    • Treatment support orders
    • Fitness for trial
    • The detention of minors in high security units
  2. Apply for:
    • Examination authorities 
    • Approvals of regulated treatment (i.e. Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) or a non-ablative neurosurgical procedure)
    • Approvals of transfers of particular clients into and out of Queensland
  3. We also offer representation on behalf of the client should any party wish to appeal a decision of the Mental Health Review Tribunal.